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Other District Projects

District Phone System

New VOIP phone systems with intercoms were installed at all sites throughout the district. This was a key safety measure that was prioritized by the Board. This new system is integrated directly into all of our safety plans and procedures.

Expenditures to date:

Del Mar Elementary School

This school site was painted and received new concrete areas under Measure D. The main work completed was a new waterline across campus to get rid of the rust issues that were occurring with the water outlets around campus. The new water line has made a dramatic improvement. The site also had the main playground replaced.

Expenditures to date:

Pacheco Elementary School

This campus had minor roof repair completed and the main playground was replaced. Summer of 2021, most of the carpets on campus were replaced.

Expenditures to date:

Sunnyside and Morro Elementary Sites

Both sites are aging campuses with a lot of infrastructure issues. Currently these sites are being leased out, as well as accommodating our Adult Education programs. At both Morro Elementary and Sunnyside Elementary, asphalt parking and play areas were replaced and new sewer lines were installed.

Morro El expenditures to date:$926,317

Sunnyside expenditures to date: $727,937


Wifi drops throughout our school district were added to increase our ability to utilize technology throughout our campuses. We have gone to more than one device per student throughout all of our schools. That work proved very beneficial when the COVID 19 pandemic hit. Along with Measure D funds, we utilized state funds to make wifi accessible throughout all schools. 

Expenditures to date: $449,583

Hawthorne Elementary School

The site received a new playground structure in 2018. We also replaced the entire playground asphalt in 2019 using deferred maintenance funds.

Expenditures to date:

Sinsheimer Elementary School

Funds were used to paint the entire campus and to replace the main playground structure. Several classroom roofs were also replaced. Security fencing was added to the front of the campus during the Summer of 2021. 

Expenditures to date:

Laguna Middle School

Measure D funds were used to make some renovations to the office and to replace the tennis court surfacing. Maintenance funds are being used to replace the asphalt throughout the campus.

Expenditures to date:

Pacific Beach Continuation High School

The interiors of the classrooms were painted and new flooring installed. New furniture and technology was also purchased to update the rooms. There has been some landscaping and walkway improvements.

Expenditures to date: $167,531

Baywood Elementary

Measure D paid for new landscaping work, including security fencing around the front of the school. Funds were also used for new sewer lines and connection costs associated with the new sewer in Los Osos. Interior walls and doors were added for safety.

Expenditures to date:

Monarch Grove Elementary School

Measure D paid for the new sewer lines and connection costs associated with the new sewer in Los Osos. Some site improvements were also funded as well as some roofs were replaced.

Expenditures to date:

Teach Elementary School

Due to increased enrollment at Bishop Peak Elementary School, the Teach campus was moved to the Slack Street location. Developer fees were used to make some improvements to the site to accommodate the move. Measure D also supplemented the move by paying for the maintenance projects that were needed on the site. A new eating area was added to the campus. The entire campus was painted and the asphalt was replaced.

Expenditures to date:

Los Osos Middle School

The asphalt throughout the campus was replaced. Funds were also used for new sewer lines and connections associated with the new sewer in Los Osos. The fire alarm was replaced, along with several roofs.

Expenditures to date: $1,255,583