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C.L. Smith Elementary

Picture of the front of C.L. Smith Elementary with school bus in front.
Picture of front of C.L. Smith
Picture of C.L. Smith kids walking through security fence.
Picture of C.L. Smith Playground

The existing 3,600 square-foot administrative office at C.L. Smith was remodeled and expanded by an additional 400 square feet. The improved Administrative Building houses an enlarged waiting area, principal and staff offices, a conference room, staff meeting room/lounge, staff and student restrooms, and the nurse’s office. The traffic and circulation at the front of the school has been greatly improved with a new dedicated bus drop off area with new paving, sidewalks, landscaping, and security fencing.

Over Summer 2016, C.L. Smith Elementary School underwent a small modernization that included exterior painting campus-wide, the addition of a kindergarten relocatable classroom, and a new main play structure.

In the summer of 2019, the entire campus asphalt was replaced, along with some infrastructure upgrades to the site.

With the San Luis Ranch and housing developments being constructed around the school, the additional space and new parking flows will be very helpful for future student growth. The expansion projects at C.L. Smith Elementary School are being funded by developer fees, as well as Measure D funds. The maintenance and modernization projects are solely paid through Measure D and general fund dollars.

Measure D expenditures to date: $987,649