Morro Bay High School

The Morro Bay High School’s learning environment will be rejuvenated through the integration of increased natural light in interior spaces, a warmer palette of colors and materials, stimulating outside gathering/learning areas, flexible classroom design concepts. Morro Bay High School features a contemporary architectural design that creates a stronger connection to the City of Morro Bay’s unique coastal environment.

New Quad Construction Live Stream: 


  • Renovate classrooms campus-wide
  • Renovate restrooms campus-wide
  • Library renovation
  • New student center
  • Cafeteria and kitchen expansion
  • STEAM (industrial arts) complex renovation
  • Auto shop renovation
  • Student Services Building
  • Pool and support building
  • Wrestling, dance and fitness room
  • MPR/performance space
  • Gym and locker room improvements
  • Renovate plaza / quad area
  • New all-weather track
  • Refurbish/expand tennis courts